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291 ice hot / cold 292

Production Information
Name Ice hot water dispenser Hot and cold water dispenser Ice hot water dispenser
Model HM-5001 HM-5002 HM-5003
Size Width 43 × depth 32 × height 105 cm (excluding pipe hook height)
Material Shell, stainless steel barrel, frame is not rusted material
Voltage AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz (voltage according to site delivery)
Capacity 6 liters of water 
4 liters of ice
10 liters of hot water 6 liters of water 4 liters of ice 
(Heat exchange system: 12 liters)
Power Hot 750W 
Ice 210W
熱水750W 熱水750W
Additional feature Two filtration systems (first fiber filter, activated carbon filter Second Road)
Optional feature 2P30A leakage circuit breaker
New look composite molding stainless steel shell, machines and arc design dispenser, providing quality
Filtration system Built Design filtration water purification systems, water quality and aesthetics win
Safety design no-pressure hot bucket design, ease to use without fear
Concept of environmental protection the use of environmentally friendly R-134A refrigerant, in response to environmental awareness 
Quality assurance CE certification