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Table type RO water dispenser (white Red. Ash)

Production Information
Name Desktop RO water
Model HM-190
Size  Width 26cm x depth 53.5cm (water tray) x height 58 cm
Capacity 1.4 liters of hot water, chilled water 1.7 liter, 3.5 liter of cold water
Material Stainless steel paint, paint panel steel, galvanized steel skeleton
Voltage AC 110V/ 220V 50/ 60Hz (According to site voltage delivery)
Power Heater 600W, 210W refrigeration
Filtering Built-five reverse osmosis water machine
Optional feature UV ultraviolet disinfection system
Display Hot LED digital display lights
Control functions Continuous water key, then boil function, solenoid valve control water
Protection Leakage circuit breakers, level design prevents air burning, hot key lock safe, leak detection
Replenishment functions Automatic water heating
Elegant design The whole machine mirror paint