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10 to 60 gallons electric water machine

Production Information
Name Reserve-type electric water machine
Model HS-10GB HS-20GB HS-30GB HS-40GB HS-50GB HS-60GB
Size 42x wide 41 deep
x 83cm high
42x wide 41 deep
x height 127cm
51x wide 51 deep
x height 185cm
51x wide 51 deep
x height 185cm
60x wide depth 60
 height 185cm
66x wide 66 deep
x height 185cm
Capacity 10 gallons of hot water 20gallons of hot water 30gallons of hot water 40gallons of hot water 50 gallons of hot water 60gallons of hot water
Material Shell is made of 304 # stainless steel mirror plate material, the barrels made ??of 304 # stainless steel
Voltage AC 220V 50/60Hz (according to site delivery voltage, three-phase to be ordered)
Power Heater 4000W
Intake 1/2 "units: inches
Safety devices 2P30A leakage circuit breakers, thermal protection switch
Optional feature Filter groups (the first group of fiber filter, a second set of activated carbon filter)
Modification phase voltage / stainless steel water dish set / heightening stainless steel tripod / special needs
  Display function - with heat lamps, boiling lights, energy saving lamps, water lights, LED temperature display, fault code display 

Control functions - with automatic heating function, and then boiling the key, the key to force water, energy key 

Protection - Microcomputer level detection, self-temperature safety detection, water stops heating, leakage protection 

Quality Assurance - By national standards CNS3910 CNS3765, IEC60335-2-15 CNS13783-1 inspection, and. 

Responsibility to ensure - The Company has insured 20 million product liability insurance 

Health guarantee - products comply with the Department of Health containers of food hygiene standards, health more points.